Reaching for Resolution by Ross B. Perkal

Reaching for Resolution by Ross B. Perkal


by Ross B. Perkal


What are we reaching for today!  Nineteen children died because the Chief of Police left his radio back in his office.  His men stand down for almost an hour as the slaughter continues, unabated, due to HIS gross negligence.  He tells his men to “stand DOWN,” while 4th graders are calling and begging for help, pretending to be wounded or dead, as they spread the blood of their fallen classmates on themselves and pretend to be dead also.

The slaughter of innocent adults and children must stop now.  Guns abound and knives and automatic weapons are in the hands of teens and mentally disturbed adults, who kill their doctor because he did not stop the murderer’s back pain after the murderer’s back surgery a week ago.

We have a problem in this country, and it is being ignored and in fact, promoted by every gun dealer in America now.  The right to bear arms does not include the right to massacre 19 innocent elementary children and two of their teachers, while a hoard of policemen stand by outside and listen to the cellphone cries of the 4th graders inside, who beg desperately for rescue, relief, and recovery.  As many as half of those children might have survived, but for the gross negligence of the only person who could have stopped the massacre.

Our country is broken, our ethics undone, we are now protecting the guilty who oppress the innocent, and if oppression is not enough for the mentally ill, they kill all in their way, and then themselves.  What TV show taught them this aberrant behavior?  Who are their heroes, and how have their minds become so twisted and perverse?  When they finish their slaughter, they kill themselves, so we can never know why they took out their insanity on innocent 4th graders, only one day before summer break and school recess.

This is all our fault.  The Chief of Police should be sentenced to a life sentence in a horrid prison for his lackadaisical negligence.  The families of the 21 deceased will sue and be awarded one million dollars each, for gross negligence by the Chief of Police and his gross incompetence throughout the two-hour murder play by the insane boy, who must have wondered why no one tried to stop him, ever.

I could go through the list of homicides in just the State of New Mexico only, and your head would spin with the unnecessary killing of the old, of the middle-aged, and yes, of the innocent, unaware, and undeserving children.  Not a week goes by without homicide stories on the front page. 

We have become frozen, mute, and impotent to do anything to stop the slaughters, and though the abhorrent, loathsome, and detestable murders continue unabated and unmitigated we watch and wonder for whom the bell tolls, and indeed now, it may toll for any of us now, or for thee.

Road rage is out of control and any disputes between two drivers mean one of them will kill or severely wound the other driver, to prove his bravado and righteousness, for we have become a race of homicidal maniacs to whom a person’s life is worth nothing if they have offended you, and their death or bodily destruction are the only things that will avenge your ego, and show them “who is boss” in this psychodrama which plays out daily on city streets and freeways. 

What will become of us now, as we have morphed into raging imbeciles whose only joy is in punishing any who stand in their way or insist that they behave as the murderers demand or be killed, or their lives ruined.  We are not a nation of humans, we are now inhabitants whose consciences are warped, our ethics nonexistent, and our ability to ascertain any appropriate punishment impossible.

How have we descended into the infamy of those who have no conscience, nor ability to tell right from wrong, nor another’s behaviors be acceptable or not?

There are many ailments in our society, but none more urgent and compelling as this existence of kill as you please, when you please, for sport or revenge or vengeance or retribution.  Our moral compass is broken, smashed to smithereens, by our acceptance as a nation of these massacres, murderous sprees, gang wars, and other similar excuses for the slaughters.  Our civilization will not continue to exist if these massacres are allowed to exist and go unrequited, unrevenged, and unpunished. 

One would think we have made progress, but for this observer, we are still in the primitive mode of “an eye for an eye,” if the perpetrator is caught alive, and if he does not take his own life, as a show of his disregard for what is left of our civilization.  2022 and we have reverted to savagery, and disregard for humanity. Shame on us, we have allowed this sickness to spread and become widespread and accepted by a certain portion of our society.  If we are to continue on, we must purge ourselves of the easily available guns pandemic.  If not, Covid-19 will seem like a tea party, and we will cease to be a civilization and live and coexist with the animals and the criminals, who will then rule our world.  Ponder all of that as your teen goes to the gun store after middle school and uses his allowance to buy an automatic rifle and hollow-point (murderous) ammunition.

Pray for our continued existence, but don’t bet your paycheck on it…sorry…

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