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 NMMW will help facilitate men
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When you complete and click on the submit button your information will be sent to the NMMW Men’s Group Committee so that we can help get you connected with active support groups who have an opening for new members.

Confidentiality is important. Information submitted will not be shared with anyone outside of the committee doing this work and the groups who are looking for new members in order to establish a dialog with you. Information offered is only used to facilitate connections between men and groups open to new members.

New Mexico Men’s Wellness is proud to be affiliated with independent men’s groups in New Mexico and beyond. Each group operates by its own membership structure, aspirations, agreements, and bylaws. A men’s group will contact NMMW Men’s Group Committee when they have a membership opening. The Committee then works to match men who are seeking to join a support group with groups that have openings and are looking for members.

If you are a man seeking a support group or if you represent a men’s support group that is accepting new members, please use application form to get in touch with us. 

Men Supporting Men

New to a Men’s Group? Participate in one of New Mexico Men’s Wellness gatherings to
connect with other men, learn about the organization, and find entrance to a men’s group.

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