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From 1988 until 2008, New Mexico Men’s Wellness published a quarterly printed journal of men sharing from the heart the joys and problems of being male. Times changed and production of a print publication became prohibitively expensive. Interest in reviving the journal remained high, however, and the first online edition was published in spring of 2018 and continues every quarter.

Man Alive! welcomes creative non-fiction and fiction: memoir, biographical sketches, stories, poems, narratives – the sharing of life’s lessons learned. Art work and photographs, illustrative or standalone, are especially welcome. As the first editor, Chuck Cocklereas, wrote in issue #2: “If we have an editorial policy it’s this: We want to know what’s happened to you, how you feel about it. We’re all trying to find ways to give more meaning and joy to our lives.”

Browse the available archives of Man, Alive!, issues that stretch all the way back to 1988. We think you will find these of educational and historic interest. While much has changed in forty years, some quandaries remain timeless. We hope that some of these older issues inspire your own contributions.

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Publications are on solstices and equinoxes. Submission deadlines are approx. two weeks prior. Spring 2024: Awe and Wonder Submission Deadline – March 7; Summer 2024: Addiction Submission Deadline – June 7; Fall 2024: Gratitude Submission Deadline – September 7; Winter 2024: Story Telling Challenge Submission Deadline – December 7

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