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Man Alive! comes alive with your participation and contribution. Share your inspiration, writing, photos, poetry…. contact editor Hank Blackwell. 


The Story of Man Alive!

Up until 2008, New Mexico Men’s Wellness produced a quarterly printed journal of men sharing from the heart the joys and problems of being male. Man, Alive! was originally a printed paper publication that was distributed freely in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Times have changed and production of a quarterly printed publication has become prohibitively expensive, and yet men were still looking for us to revive it. The first electronic edition was published in spring of 2018 and continues every quarter.

Calls for submissions will be sent to NMMW members through email. We ask you to contribute and share your work with other men. What you contribute is up to you. Memoirs and biographical sketches, stories, poems, narratives, opinion pieces, sharing of life’s lessons learned. We also welcome art work and photographs; these can be published on-line in full color.

We also maintain an online archive of Man, Alive! issues that stretch back to 1988. We think you will find these of educational and historic interest; while men’s issues have certainly changed in the digital age, some quandaries remain timeless. We hope that some of these older issues inspire your own contributions.

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Man, Alive! needs your contributions! Click below to download the submission guidelines and submit form. All submissions are to be sent directly to the editor Hank Blackwell. 

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Publication Information

2023 Man, Alive! Themes and Dates

Publications are on the solstices and equinoxes with submission deadlines seven days prior.

Spring, 2023: Beginnings
Submission Deadline-March 14
Publication-March 21

Summer, 2023: Optimism
Submission Deadline-June 14
Publication-June 21

Fall, 2023: Wisdom
Submission Deadline-September 14
Publication-September 21

Winter, 2023: Introspection
Submission Deadline-December 14
Publication-December 21

Submit Missing Issues

Our archive is missing electronic versions of some printed Man, Alive! issues. If you have an electronic or hard copy of one of the missing issues, please send to editor for inclusion in the archive!

Volunteer Editors

Calling all volunteer editors, regular contributors, and anyone who wants to help Man, Alive! grow! Most duties can be completed from the comfort of your own computer.  Contact Hank to get started.

Editorial Board

Hank Blackwell

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