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 Annual New Mexico Men’s Wellness Events

The intent of all our gatherings is clear: create a safe space for men to share what is really going on in their lives, inside and out, and be open to receiving and giving support. Throughout it all, our creativity, respect and openness with each other has been what truly keeps us on the path. What is most amazing is that this all-volunteer organization has sustained itself for more than 35 years—only because of the wholehearted participation and giving of the many men who have found benefit from its offerings.

We seek – together – to forge a new vision of masculinity, beyond the destructive male modeling that permeates our society. One that is inclusive, open hearted, emotionally fluent, and committed to positive change within oneself, and in the larger spheres of family and community.

We have no religious affiliation, and we welcome various perspectives on spirituality. We are not therapy but we are supportive. We do not espouse any particular credo, but healing and positive behavior changes are abundant. We bring men together in a confidential, structured, enlivening way to create the possibility for them to break out of isolation and into a safe, supportive brotherhood.
Regular, low-cost gatherings provide many opportunities each year for men to explore together the positive aspects of masculinity, while endeavoring to gain awareness of – and transform – our individual and collective negative, destructive habits.

Gay-Straight/ LGBTQ positive dialogues. We are an inclusive organization, and committed to discovering what connects us as humans in a generous, kind and peaceful mindset, learning how to better support and care for each other.

Whether returning or new to NMMW, we invite you to register and attend one of our events. If you have questions about a particular event, please contact the event leader. 

Schedule of Upcoming Events and Registration

Annual Fall Conference at Ghost Ranch

Annual Fall Conference at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu: 80-100 men come to Ghost Ranch for the main conference of the year. There are various optional activities, talking circles, small group explorations, rituals, poetry, sweat lodges, and time to just be in this spectacular retreat setting. This conference, for over 35 years, runs from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon in the embrace of sandstone canyons and cliffs and the New Mexico fall weather.

Winter Retreat

Winter in southern Colorado: 15-20 men spend 3-5 days together in a retreat cabin nestled in the spectacular Rocky Mountains in southern Colorado. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking abound. Story telling by the fire, music, participation in sharing circles as well as individual time for contemplation, creativity and rest are highlighted by the large kitchen where communal meals are prepared in this lovely setting.

Spring Retreat

Spring in the Jemez Mountains: Held at Hummingbird Music Camp in the Jemez mountains, 20-30 men gather Friday through Sunday to explore a particular topic in group, small group and individual settings. There is always ample time for solo contemplation, walks in nature, or visits to nearby hot springs.

Summer Retreat

Summer in the Upper Pecos Canyon: 20-30 men gather in the magnificent Pecos mountains to camp for 3-4 days and participate in various activities related to a particular retreat theme. There is an abundance of outdoor experience such as hiking, music, talking circles, sweat lodge participation and enjoying camaraderie in the beauty of the upper Pecos canyon and forest.

Father-Daughter and Father-Son Gatherings

Father-Daughter and Father-Son Gatherings: Held at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu is a spectacular venue for the Father-Daughter gathering. This alternates every other year with the Father-Son event located in the Pecos Wilderness. Both allow participants to deeply listen to one-another and reveal parts of us that may offer deeper connections and understanding.

Couples Gathering

Couples gathering: Each June, up to 15 couples gather to explore strengthening their relationship, through sharing with one-another and others the challenges of consciously chosen harmony and intimacy.

Women’s and Men’s Wellness Day

Women’s and Men’s Wellness Day: This one-day retreat is designed to assist in breaking down the barriers between genders, and promotes communication, trust and how to be more effective allies for one another.

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