Crows Along the Wire by Mark Pugsley

Crows Along the Wire by Mark Pugsley

Crows Along the Wire

by Mark Pugsley


my outburst was entirely unfair

you are, you are, my planning friend….  rigid

i made an unplanned suggestion

let’s go see art, paintings about crows during pandemic


the week caught up, putting out effort, wanting my partner’s birthday to be special

that was thursday

friday I suggested the change


text is a poor way to communicate

but when withdrawn, disappointed

i knew they would not come


i raged around the bedroom

fuming in blame

narrow and knotted





because of what is underneath

let down, abandoned, old bones

tired of holding it all together


a burdened exilea therapist named this experience


tired of holding my friend

i never told him how let down i had felt

over a year ago

what a weight he had been


what is underneath

hold me, a voice cries

because no one is listening


another short text

anger mingled with embarrassment

still withdrawn, my bad


saturday I went to see the crows

then walked down to the river

listening to birds land upstream

without any reason

a waterbird dove under murky water


i went back to the paintings

a second time

in an empty room


crows along the wire

heard my silent cry

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