The days of summer begin to shorten, bringing the expectation of autumn days and cooler evenings. It is, as it has been for millenia, harvest; a time of ripening and collection.

For some of us, there is a specific moment when the hue of sunlight mixed with stillness signifies the arrival of another season. Others might experience ancestral stirrings as chevrons of migrating cranes and geese float overhead. We might sense gratitude for the beauty and abundance of fall; we may feel trepidation as the days begin to shorten and the anticipation of quiet days remind us of earlier lessons or losses.

Autumn is a rich time: memories, gratitude, reflection, change and harvest. We hope that this fall edition will stir or underscore some of these emotions. The contributions that follow remind us of generosity, vulnerability, honesty and the power of remaining available to ourselves, our loved ones, to strangers in need. All of this, all of these, are gifts from the harvest.

May we all strive to contribute, to share our harvest, to welcome one anothers’ means of sensing the seasons.



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