Notes From Chupadero April Snow by Arrin Richard

Notes From Chupadero April Snow by Arrin Richard

Notes From Chupadero
April Snow

by Arrin Richard

There’s something different about snow in mid-April and the distinct solace it brings. Having become warmed by the new spring and thankful that the harshest of winter has past, an unexpected spring snow allows me to stop for a moment…to ease into the day and perhaps a new way of being. Like pulling off to the side of the road to take in a moment of beauty, the falling snow brings me to a moment of reflection…and silence. It is always quiet here in Chupadero. The snow makes it even more so. The natural world has tucked in for the morning, the community is hunkered down. Nowhere to go now, as we find ourselves in a world turned upside down.

So as I sit by the warmth of the woodstove, watching the snow fall on my deck and the hillside beyond, it’s a good time to think…about what the world will look like going forward and of course, my little world…what do I really want and need to get by and be happy? What do I truly feel is important as compared to just several weeks ago?? These are questions that might need to simmer a bit. But what have I already discovered in recent days?

Well, I now know it’s much easier to conserve personal resources than I previously thought…and that there is always space to be more mindful, more grateful! I’ve come to truly appreciate the people who make up a community, especially those who have put themselves out there to help the rest of us. And I now realize that going out every day isn’t so needed after all. Yes, these are simple things, but nonetheless important! And sometimes within the simple things, I find my best teachings and if I’m lucky, catch a glimpse of my better angels.
The world will ramp back up to speed at some point, in some fashion. When it does, I wonder if I will resist the urge to jump mindlessly back into the hamster wheel?

I’m grateful for the snowfall this morning. It has brought me a new white canvas on which to ponder!
Please share your thoughts!
Wishing you peace….

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