Racism by Juan Velasco

Racism by Juan Velasco


by Juan Velasco


Prevalent everywhere in the world and thriving in the good old USA

Racism through color of skin, place of origin, income, language spoken, where you live, etc.

General meeting and committee meeting – bandages on top of bandages

It starts with the individual and nowhere else.

Look at yourself and find out where you fit.


What did you do yesterday or what are you doing today to address the issue

There is so much to do and you just watch and add another bandage.

Challenge me to a duel or should I challenge you.

Commit to spend 10% of your annual income and/or 10% of your time to assist others.

You must not be afraid and you must commit. Your life will be rich.

A crime is to commit and not do.  As a friend said – talk and talk and more talk.


Churchill said ” you make a living with what you get and you make a life with what you give”.

The time to give to family and friends is over. We are headed home and time to give to others.

7 countries in 9 days, great meals and wine, famous people etc will not make your legacy or help racism.

You have a responsibility for your actions and those of your ancestors.

Start somewhere, anywhere = just do.  Be responsible and tell your story = mostly to yourself.


Pick a native, Spanish, black, foreign, poor or uneducated. It could be a person, family or group.

You have 40 to 50 % of the population of New Mexico and great neighbors in Navajo and Mexico to choose from.

Ask what they want and need (bottom up).  Do not tell them what is best for them (bottom down).

Then you figure it out.



You will learn languages, traditions and humbleness.

You will learn how to give and accept the Sr. Sra. and the Don or Doña.


I send you seeds which may be flowers or thorns but at least you planted them.

You will hear stories which will make your last days or years full.

You will share yourself like never before. You will cry and cry again like I do most days.


El tiempo se nos va 

abrazo a todos

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