Spring 2021 Staff of Remembrance

Spring 2021 Staff of Remembrance


This is a new section for Man, Alive! Mark Ayers established this as a part of the annual New Mexico Fall Men’s Conference. This is a place where we can remember those men that have died and been most influential in our lives and in the lives of others. We have several contributions to lead the way. Our hope is that this might become a permanent part of our quarterly publication.


Mike Milstein

Hello, gorgeous! That was most always Mike’s lovely way of greeting me. Yet another powerful gift from New Mexico Men’s Wellness, I met Mike at a fall conference about thirty-five years ago. Mike embraced me, as he did so very many of us, and soon, we were walking river banks, sharing meals and world views. 

An academician and philosopher, Mike embraced life and all its’ offerings with gratitude and grace. Mike and his lovely wife, Annie, moved to New Zealand over twenty years ago, as it offered beauty, friendliness and a political system more suited to their 

Generous and participative lifestyle. 

Mike was a teacher; academics, living, aging, loving. He even taught me the rules of rugby! This gentle soul died recently. Fortunately, he is still teaching me, as will he always…


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