Vulnerability by Mark Ayers

Vulnerability by Mark Ayers


by Mark Ayers

Why risk the precipice of vulnerability

When keeping the casement securely closed

Assures concealment and protection from harm?


Previously I’ve mustered the courage

To raise the curtain or prop the door open

And let just a sliver of me emerge.


Because I don’t want you to perceive

My hunger for connection

That demands attention yet I stifle.


Perhaps you’ll judge the defects I hide,

Or condemn deeds I’ve done in the past

And mock my trembling timidity and shame.


I hesitate to lower the protective shield

I laboriously erected

Even with you standing there

Inviting me.


Perhaps if I take the risk

Of stepping over the edge

You’ll withhold condemnation

As you behold parts of yourself

In the mirror of you that is me.

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