Winter 2020 Welcome

Winter 2020 Welcome


Peaceful, soundless, soft, calm, serene, sequestered, gentle, tranquil….these are some of the many synonyms for quiet. As autumn’s energy wanes from maintaining its’ many colors, keeping skies filled with cranes, geese and other airborne travelers and completing the harvests, winter arrives. With this arrival, sunlight retreats and the incremental shift to colder days appear.

Winter can be dark and lonely. It may equally be a time of quiet introspection, when moments might become underscored with serenity and calm. 

We hope that this edition of Man, Alive! might inspire you to create, to take these gentle months to reach out to loved ones, to both ask and offer as needed.

Times of separation and quarantine may have readied us for winter, and with the gift of quiet, we might actually find and tend the hope that may still abide within. Perhaps we might look to the sacred spaces within us and ready ourselves for the possibilities of a new spring.

Hopefully, these contributions may soothe, calm and inspire. May they encourage all of us to speak from our hearts and reach out to a world that always needs more peace…and quiet.





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