Open Space by Mark Pugsley

Open Space by Mark Pugsley

Open Space

by Mark Pugsley

You ever have an encounter and know you were not quite all there

i left, went outside

in the distance were sandhill cranes

back inside was without language

walls freshly painted yellow

light streamed in

the dark crows painted on colored canvas

dark and light

intelligent and adaptive

outside of time

said my artist friend

who also said

each painting is a conversation

go, go, go, said the bird: human kind

cannot bear very much reality(1)

i left again

hard to be present

and came back

into the quite room

crows who have something to say with stillness

where they

yes, sharing outside of time

but fully here

i tried to listen

a wordless conversation

did i miss it, yes, no, of course I did

only I hear now, after weeks

not a memory

but a feeling

this deeper conversation

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