Voices by Jonathan Driscoll

Voices by Jonathan Driscoll


by Jonathan Driscoll



rushing autumn winds call

the delicate still mountains awaken


cottonwood  elm   and   aspen

begin to swirl and dance

wings of golden leaves take flight

enveloping the sky


celebrating their new found freedom

each and every one flutters and is gone

spinning brightly thru the dark green pines

flashing on their way

following the Way


with the urgency of a lover

they awaken and stir me

my body too flutters and flies


living loving and dying on this good earth

we are all borne off on transient winds


be gentle  be kind  be strong

let us not forsake each other

we are the living spirit

and these mountains are our home


isn’t that the poem written on every leaf

isn’t that the voice within your heart

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